Sitemap of indexed by accesskeys

Accesskey is a feature of browsers, that allows users to jump to specific parts of a web page by keyboard. HTML elements use an attribute "accesskey=k" and have the same letter - here "k" - visually marked in their inner HTML. Activation requires a modifier key like <Alt>, <Ctrl> or even 2 being pressed and hold before the accesskey is typed.

The widget below uses unmodified accesskeys to navigate sitemap url's. The first circle of 1 character width takes your input. On focus the selections are shown in fullscreen mode. The accesskeys are the first characters of the selectable tokens. Selected tokens are concatenated in the breadcrumbs navigation. Backspace deletes the last token.

This sitemap has been chosen as example as it contains French accented characters in UTF-8 encoding. Sitemap files are destined to use UTF-8 but mostly contain only ASCII characters and have e.g. accented characters replaced by minus, omit the accent or contain both of them. If you do not have a French keyboard, you have to enter key sequences or click the corresponding table row.